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How to avoid a Hangover

When you wake up after a heavy night of drinking, there is nothing worse than stinking like a pissed up donkey with a head that feels like it is about to split into two. Here are some really easy and simple tips to avoid having a hangover. These are just suggestions, and if you have any tips that might help just drop a comment below!


Remember, if you fail to prepare then prepare to fail. Sometimes if you know you have to be up early tomorrow it may be worth while taking a little time before you start drinking to “prepare” yourself.


 Eating aint cheating!

Eating before drinking helps absorb the alcohol. It is a really easy way to pace the amount of alcohol that is absorbed. Eating before you go out drinking also makes you feel a lot fuller, hence making you drink less.

Drinking Water

Down it!

It is important to remember that drinking alcohol actually dehydrates the body. If you know that you are going out to get lathered try to drink a big glass of water before you start drinking. It helps dilute anything you may drink afterwards and helps tackle the problem of dehydration, which is what is normally the cause for your headache the next day.

While Out

While you are out its important to remember not to go to wild, here are some tips to help you are out and about

Pace Yourself

 The Bloke knows what I am on about…

Yeah yeah yeah, I know you have probably heard it all before, but to be honest the best advice I can give if you don’t want to get too messed up is just to pace yourself! Try just having a bottle instead of a pint or try sticking to the light drinks. If you are on a crawl just try to grab 1 drink at each place, rather than getting smashed at the first and not even making it to the end of the crawl.

Don’t Mix

 Dont mix with these guys either…

From personal experience, mixing your drinks gets you absolutely hammered. If you have started out on beers try to end the night on beers. Or if you started out on a spirit like vodka, try to stick to vodka or any vodka based drinks. Trust me this is a great way to avoid getting too smashed.

The Aftermath

Here are a couple of tips that can be done after you get back home.

Breaking Bread

 Basics : Bread

Bread or any food that is really filling and got a lot of carbs will be great if you want to sober up. Try eating some toast or a bagel before you sleep to help give you a better nights sleep and sober you up.

A Pint of Water

 Down the hatch!

As I said earlier alcohol dehydrates your body and this is the main reason that many people get hangovers the next day. Try knocking back a pint of water before you sleep. In my own experience it is the BEST way to avoid a killer hangover the next day.


 Hopefully yours looks like this..

Try grabbing a beautiful full English the next day. If your not a fan of a big greasy fry up just make sure you have a good healthy breakfast the next day. This will make you feel a lot fresher and help you cope with the day to come

I hope some of these tips came in handy. If you have any comments just drop them in the comment section below!

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