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How to Food Shop on a Budget

Being a student we know life is hard, trying to spend as little on any food you may need. Well here are a couple of quick and easy ways for you to do a weekly shop that wont cost you an arm and leg.

Buy Stuff in Bulk

May not seem like a great idea but sometimes you get some amazingly cheap stuff. Try only buying stuff in bulk if it will keep, like pasta or rice. Don’t try buying stuff that is just going to go in the bin after a week.

Buy Non-Brand or Supermarket Brand Stuff

To be honest, the big supermarkets have pretty much EVERYTHING you need to survive on. Check out Tesco Value or Morrison own brand items for stuff that’s just super cheap.

Look out for in Store Offers

It may seem obvious but you don’t normally notice all the offers available. Just look around you. Supermarkets have some amazing offers (especially on new items). If you don’t want to buy the own brand stuff try just buying stuff that has a deal.

Do a Group Shop

Although sometimes it seriously can be annoying to split the bill, buying stuff together can mean you end up spending less overall. Try buying all the expensive necessities together (like olive oil, onions etc).

Check the Reduced Section

Always be sure to check out the reduced section in any supermarket, sometimes you get some amazing stuff and seriously amazing prices. The stuff here normally goes off pretty soon so its best to buy stuff that you are going to be eating the same day.


Try the supermarkets own brand Noodle Snacks. Most of the time you can get a surprisingly cheap meal that gives you no nutrients or vitamins at all!

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