How to Overcome the Pre-Exam Slump

Ways to overcome procrastination before final exams

When it comes to student life, procrastination is one of the terms which one might come across several times. Before delving further into the details of how to overcome this deadly disease, it would be a good idea to actually define this term. It is basically referred to any act of delaying or deferring a task or action to a later time. Phrasing it a bit differently, it is slowness of a person. Students usually suffer from procrastination when the motivational factors are less visible or apparent. Deep procrastination before exams is one of the worst things that could happen to a college or university student. Quite unfortunately, it happens a lot. In a nutshell, the problem of procrastination is not unusual in students and the objective of this article is to discuss ways to deal with it.

Also worth mentioning here is the fact that students feel lack of motivation to muster that energy for final push. It could fairly be established that procrastination is very dangerous and it is frequent among students. However, overcoming it is not entirely impossible. The fact of the matter is some small few tips can make a significant improvement in your life and can help you in overcoming procrastination and laziness. Following are some of the tips:

Plan ahead

There is nothing worse than randomness in one’s life though it could be beneficial few times but not always. Leading a disciplined life has always been the key to success. In this regard, it is highly advisable to students that they plan ahead and make some kind of a visual panic schedule where they could actually track their performance and know what to do each day. Of course, students will have to spend some time in doing that too but this spending of time in no way could be considered wastage as it is bound to yield high results if you stay committed to it.

Take a day off to enjoy

It is essential for every student to actually take a pause before making the last jump or leap because you will want all your mental faculties in the best state. That pause could be in the form of taking few days off to just do things which you want to. You could watch movies or do sports or anything you want to. The basic idea is that you do not follow your schedule and just relax to make that last run or jump.

Start early

Many students fail to do good at exams not because they have lesser minds rather it is because they fail to study early and end up preparing for the exam on the last night. Such students have a high potential for doing good if they start preparing, may be, two to three weeks early.  The idea is not to do all the preparation in one day but to do it topic by topic.

In conclusion, it is worth noting here that a balance must be struck between your strengths and weaknesses if you want to take good grades overall and not just in one course.

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