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You may think that applying to internships now is a tiny bit early. But considering some of the most sought after internships, such as the ones in banking, often have a deadline of mid-November till early January applying now may not seem like such a bad idea.

What is an Internship?

An internship is a system of on the job training, similar to an apprenticeship. Basically it allows you to enter a large cooperation or the industry you would like to work in and get a head start. Some are paid where as some only cover expenses. In my opinion they are really a great way of breaking into an industry, especially ones which are hard to get into like banking or internet marketing.

How do I find Internships?

The best bet for you is to start looking at internships in fields that you are really interested in. Firstly I would advise you to make a list of possible companies that you may be interested in. The first step is to narrow down which field you want to go into. I would advice trying to do something your degree is related to, or something that you are really interested in, This way if there are any questions to answer in the application process you will find it much easier to answer these questions.

The Application Process

The application process varies from company to company. For a lot of the major companies they will have a webpage dedicated to internship applications. Often the online process is the first step in the application process, often followed by a telephone or face to face interview. More often than not companies will ask about your educational background and any past experience you may have, so I would highly advise you to construct your CV before you try applying. This will make the process a lot easier for you as you will have the information to hand.


The main thing to remember is that companies will have hundreds of applications for only a few positions, especially in todays economic climate. You want your application to stand out from the rest, so try to emphasize your strong points. If you have done any previous work experience or have done a lot of work outside of school for a NGO or charity talk about it! It’s important to show off all of your skills and show them how you can add to their company.

Before applying to any company I would also advise you to research what the company is about. Read their mission statement and base your application on skills that the company is looking for. Make your answers clear and avoid bullshitting too much, no one likes it.

My last piece of advice is not to give up! I have been rejected from tons of internships that I applied for, but don’t let it get you down! you have to keep on trying if you want to succeed, and remember if you don’t ask you don’t get. Try contacting someone within a company you are interested in, asking if they have any positions open. If you know someone in a company drop them a line, they could help you out and support your application, this would make your application much stronger than other peoples.

I hope this helped, now get out there and start applying!

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