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Tips for a Cheap Night Out

As you can imagine part of being at university is the social aspect. By that I mean the amount of times you manage to get ridiculously drunk. Now another part of student life is the fact that you are pretty much skint 24/7. So how can you have a decent night out without spending an absolute shitload? EASY. Here are a couple of tips to help you enjoy a night out without breaking the piggy bank…

Before Leaving

It may not seem obvious at first (I am trying to be sarcastic here) but pre-drinking before you head out is one of the MAIN ways you can really cut back on the amount you spend. Try buying cheaper booze and drinking it at home before heading out. This will save you a shitload once you are out. Take it from me, try not to get too hammered before you even get into the taxi or the hangover the next day is horrible. Pace yourself and take it easy. It could be a good idea to try playing a couple of drinking games with your mates. All a good drinking game needs to have is a very easy reason to drink.

Another tip is to make sure that you are going out on a weekday. Try to avoid going out on a Friday or Saturday since this is when people who work try and go out so its normally a bit more expensive.


 I would love to pull up on a night out in this badboy..

Try to make sure that you get a big taxi to share. This is normally the cheapest way to get into town. Taxis normally have 4 seats or you can ask for a 6 seater, which is normally cheaper. So try to make sure that you are in a taxi which is full, since this would be the cheapest option.

A little thing I have learnt from experience when taking a taxi out is to ALWAYS CARRY CHANGE. Don’t even think of heading into a taxi with just notes because you normally end up paying more than you should have. Try to keep a couple of quid with you, and if you are really broke whip out the 10p’s and 20p’s.


 Get a stamp, leave and come back later.

One of the best tips I have for once you are out is to know where you want to end up! If you are planning on going to a certain club or something, try a little trick called Stamp & Go. Basically most clubs are a lot cheaper before 10pm, since they are trying to get the crowds in at this time. If you go to a club at this sort of time chances are it will cost you half as much as it will after 10pm. Also there is no queue at this time. Once you are in, grab a quick drink and head out onto the next place, but just remember GET A STAMP. Once you have a stamp you can come back in later without the hassle of queuing and you will have only paid half the amount to get in!

 A lot of cocktail bars have student deals…

Another tip is to look out for bars and pubs with student deals on! It may seem obvious but I just want to make sure you guys know that at least 1 place on whichever night and wherever you are WILL have a drinking deal. its always worth checking them out. If the deal is for a little more than you think you can handle, share it with a mate!

The most important tip I have is to have fun on a night out, and try not to get too bad a hangover.

If you have any comments or feedback please feel free to drop a comment below!

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