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Tips to be successful at University

University can be a difficult time for anyone. But its important to always remember that you are here to learn and university is not just for you to grow as a person but to succeed in the your field of study and attain the highest possible degree. Here are a couple of tips on how to be successful at university…

  • Attend All Classes. It may sound obvious but you are not going to pass with a good mark if you do not go to class! After all thats what you are paying for! Plus you may know the textbook inside and out but chances are the exams will be based on the content of the lectures.
  • Take a Lighter Course Load. If this is your first term in university, start off with a lighter course load. This term your goal is to do well. Once you go into your second or third years you can pick up credits.
  • Be an Active Learner. University is not like college or school, you can just get past by just reading over the textbook a couple of times. Make in depth notes on what you are learning and try to teach it back to yourself, a great method to use is the Feynman technique.
  • Participate in Class. It may not seem important, but studies show that students who participate in class learn more. Try just answering a couple of questions, then build up your confidence and start participating more.
  • Get to Know Your Lecturers. Once you start participating more in class you’ll get noticed by your lecturers more and more. Take the time to speak to them before or after lectures, or even in their office hours. If you are ever unsure about any material on your course, who is better to ask?
  • Stay Up to Date With Your Work. Many new university students have difficulty keeping up with all of the reading that’s assigned in university classes. It’s critical for you to do each assignment before you attend the next class. If you get behind in your reading, you may never have time to catch up. The workload in university just increases as the term progresses. Time management is one of the most important skills you can learn while at university.
  • Be Receptive to Change. If you find that the techniques you used for learning things in school or college just don’t seem to work in university, try to change them. Also always be open to trying new ways of learning. If a lecturer tells you to do something, they are saying so because they probably know best. So be open to try new things.
  • Work Hard This Term. Forget about doing all of your assignments in the evening before it is due in. Don’t try to put off work till next term, it only gets harder.
  • Drop a Class When Necessary. Don’t be afraid or ashamed to withdraw from a class when you know you aren’t going to pass it. You don’t earn credits for failed courses but they really pull down your average percentage. Speak to your tutor about dropping a class if you are really unsure. Your tutors are there to help you!

I hope these tips helped! remember to always work your hardest and push yourself to be the best you can be.

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